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The Quantitative Kidney DataBase
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This site is part of the Kidney Physiome project, an aspect of the larger International Physiome project. We are thus a loose association of laboratories interested in providing on-line databases and modeling resources covering all aspects of renal physiology.

The long-term goal of this site is to house all published quantitative experimental results relevant to kidney physiology. In the first phase, we wish to include all numbers and relationships useful for hypothesis-driven mathematical modeling of any aspect of renal physiology, from the molecular (channel and transporter kinetics), through the cellular, epithelial, and tubular levels, and including the whole organ level.

We are presently in the construction phase and solicit your help in contributing results and new reference articles. QKDB was seeded from the unfinished "rpdb" or Renal Parameter DataBase, itself a descendant of an earlier Gopher site. These earlier sites were mainly the work of Ray Mejia at NIH. To this base, results from a growing number of articles are being added.

The success of the project depends on input from the largest possible cross-section of the renal research community.

You will find presentation and querying of the available data to be rather simple at the present time, but this will improve, thanks in part to comments and suggestions from users.

For the technically curious, QKDB is implemented with PHP and MySQL, running on an Apache server under Mac OS X.

Your comments and suggestions are vigorously requested. Please send them to Randy Thomas (srthomas@necker.fr).


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